Author Boyd Morrison
Author Boyd Morrison

The Last True Templar

Coming September 14th

The thrilling new historical adventure from New York Times bestselling author Boyd Morrison and expert medievalist Beth Morrison. Fox and Willa find themselves on a dangerous quest for the treasure of the Templar Knights.

A Perilous Quest. A Deadly Legacy.

Italy, 1351. English knight Gerard Fox and the resourceful Willa have come through a death-defying journey across war-torn Europe. Now looking towards their future together, they must first find a way to reconcile with their difficult pasts.

In a small village between Florence and Siena, Fox and Willa are caught up in a deadly ambush. After rescuing the enigmatic woman who is the target of the attack, they take refuge in her opulent villa and learn her heartbreaking story – a tale of loss, deception… and a burning desire for freedom.

Soon, Fox and Willa are involved in a perilous quest to save her family’s legacy… and to do so, they will have to solve a mystery that points the way to the fabled lost treasure of the Knights Templar.

Praise for The Lawless Land

“Fourteenth-century Europe, devastated by the plague and beset by the warring armies of England and France, offers another turbulent fictional setting. But the knight-errant at the center of Boyd and Beth Morrison’s rollicking adventure, The Lawless Land, is a fittingly valiant paragon of chivalric virtue. Early on, while rescuing a damsel very much in distress, Gerard Fox explains that his personal story is ‘full of murder, intrigue and treachery of the worst sort.’ As well as the occasional jolt of inappropriately modern chat (“I’m not the only one who is on to you”) that’s best ignored while surrendering to the inventive twists and turns of a satisfyingly bustling plot.

Fox is a medieval action hero, tussling with not one but three villains, along with platoons of knights and hangers-on. There’s a devious cardinal scheming to become pope, an avaricious English nobleman intent on being named king of Jerusalem and a baseborn Frenchman who will do anything to achieve the noble title he’s sure he deserves. Key to all their machinations is a holy relic said to be the most valuable in Christendom. Of course, the woman sworn to safeguard this precious item is the aforementioned damsel—who, despite her predicament, turns out to be something of an action hero herself.”
New York Times Book Review

“[An] exceptional series launch… Historical fiction fans will eagerly await (Boyd and Beth’s) further adventures!”
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“A simply riveting action/adventure novel… the stuff of which blockbuster movies are made. The Lawless Land will leave its enthusiastic readers looking eagerly toward the next installment.”
Midwest Book Review

“Will have medieval action fans on the edge of their seats… The Lawless Land is what you get when you put Jack Reacher into a medieval setting.”
Grimdark Magazine

“Fantastic—suspenseful and historically fascinating… Gerard Fox could be Jack Reacher’s ancestor, 700 years ago. Highly recommended!”
—Lee Child, #1 NYT bestselling author of Better Off Dead

The Lawless Land is a fantastic start to a brilliant new adventure series that you won’t want to miss… Boyd and Beth Morrison bring the Middle Ages to life in vivid detail with historical authenticity and a sense of fun… this thriller has it all!”
—Graham Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Fast Ice

The Lawless Land by Boyd Morrison and Beth Morrison is a thoroughly entertaining tale that I found to be exceedingly well told. In their first collaboration, they have crafted a novel full of both authenticity and thrills, and readers are sure to clamor for more from this writing duo.”
—Mark Greaney, #1 NYT bestselling author of The Gray Man

The Lawless Land is non-stop action, an exciting cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Excalibur that will have you turning the pages so fast you’ll get blisters! I can’t remember the last time I read a thriller that was so much fun. It’s the perfect beach read!”
—Lee Goldberg, NYT bestselling thriller author

The Lawless Land is a compulsively readable, immersive tale of chivalric adventure and dangerous romance in a war-torn, plague-stricken Europe. Readers will relish the twists and turns of the plot, thrilling to a chase that gallops across lawless lands, winds through treacherous labyrinths, and risks all in mortal combat as the daring hero and heroine strive to save themselves and their imperiled world. A hugely entertaining historical novel!”
—Eric Jager, NYT bestselling author of The Last Duel

“A gallant knight, a witty heroine, a quest for the ages… In The Lawless Land, the Morrisons have created a thrilling medieval adventure packed with fascinating historical detail. The Lawless Land combines the rich historical tapestry of Umberto Eco and the relentless pace and adventure of Clive Cussler into a brilliant new series. I can’t wait to see where Fox goes next!”
—J.T. Ellison, NYT bestselling author of Her Dark Lies

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